Christianbookeditor.uk is an editing and proofreading company that provides editorial services to Christian authors, writers, professionals, and creators. We are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, sound in His doctrine, and aim to make editing services affordable for authors and everyone that produces Christian-themed content or otherwise.


For 6 years, we’ve been in the editing and proofreading business, relieving Christian writers from the heavy cost of proofreading services that is prevalent all over the Internet. Our mission is to provide quality editing and proofreading services for authors and writers at an affordable price.


Our Vision

Christian Book Editor

Our statistics reveal that most editing and proofreading companies are not entirely focused on Christian books or writings, thereby editing them with minimal scriptural knowledge.


Consequently, these have led many to hit the literary marketplace with poorly written Christian content. At Christian Book Editor, we have decided to provide value & well-versed Christian editors for the progress of the Kingdom of God.


Our Qualifications

christian book editor

We have rich experience in offering impeccable editing and proofreading services for over six years at christianbookeditor.uk. Our team has BA & MA degrees in English & English Literature, and we are also close to adding PhDs soon.


Here at Christian Book Editor, we are proud to offer you native English editors & writers who are scripturally sound and will work on your books and manuscripts. We are well able to handle widely used English varieties (US, UK, CA, and AU).


Our Location

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Our business is based in Herefordshire, United Kingdom, and we are glad to connect with Christian authors across the globe through this platform. We serve Christian writers from all over the world—USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and so on.